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There comes a point in time when children may decide they would like a pet cat. It’s not a decision to take lightly, but if you do decide to welcome a feline friend into the family, The Kitty Café is a fantastic local resource for potential cat owners and to see how your children interact with cats. It's also a space for cat lovers to come and enjoy some kitty company!

The Kitty Café is as the name suggests, a café serving a range of meals, snacks, cakes and hot and cold drinks, but it is also a cat rescue, care and re-homing centre and cattery.

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The cattery can house around 30 cats and at any given time, there are around 20 cats waiting and ready to be re-homed with their ‘forever family’. The café itself has been designed around the cats and there are kitty toys and lots of space for them to run and play. But if you are imaging a venue where cats sit at the table and people sit in little kitty beds, well, think again – us humans do get to sit on comfy sofas at the table. Phew!

Image: The Kitty Cafe Nottingham

Bear in mind that there are a few rules to be followed when visiting the café and interacting with the cats –and supervise your children around the cats at all times. You and your children can pat and stroke the cats gently, but they must not be picked up for any reason. Avoid touching their eyes, mouths, whiskers, tummies or backsides, and don’t wake a sleeping kitty! You can download a full list of rules for children and adults here.

The cats are from a range of backgrounds and have been rehabilitated and the centre has a high success rate for rehoming. If you are interested in adopting a cat, you can register your interest and join the mailing list by emailing Alternatively, if you have a cat looking for a home, you can email the centre.

Image: The Kitty Cafe Nottingham

Each kitty leaves the centre spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and with existing health problems addressed.

A bit about the café

The Kitty Café is a family-friendly venue that is pushchair and wheelchair accessible. If you’re wondering about the hygiene standards and the kitties mixing with your food, rest assured that’s not the case! You can actually see the food being prepared fresh in the kitchen and behind sealed glass. They even have a Food Standard Rating of 5!

Image: The Kitty Cafe Nottingham

You don’t have to be looking for a cat to enjoy the place but it’s certainly a unique experience! You can pop in for a coffee, cake or enjoy the largest range of loose teas in the city. The Kitty Café caters for gluten-free and vegan diners. There are heaps of menu items to choose from, including a large range of cakes, pizza, sandwiches and Panini, fresh salads and jacket potatoes.

The Kitty Cafe is a place for all cat lovers to meet some new feline friends or adopt a cat, have a kitty cuddle or just sit with a coffee.

Essential information
The Kitty Café
Address: 31 – 37 Friar Lane, Nottingham NG1 6DD
Phone: 0115 924 2214
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturday, 10am to 7pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm

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[INTRO The Kitty Café is a fantastic local resource for potential cat owners and to see how your children interact with cats.]

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