Soft Play At Astroworld

Soft play equals urghhh……..or does it??

So it’s a very rainy Tuesday and I have a year old kid. Yup, you know it, I know it. We are going to soft play. This fills me with dread as it means I have to spend at least an hour spending money on sitting in a stuffy room, drinking horrible coffee and spending a small fortune on food that neither of us will eat. But not this time……

Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you Astroworld! Astroworld is Nottingham's newest soft play centre, based in West Bridgford. And I flippin’ love it.

Now, let’s face it, most kids would play with a wet sock if you gave them one, so, for me, soft play is all about how much us parents get out of it. I want good food, good drinks and good toilets. Astroworld seem to think the same. It’s two floors of space themed play - you know, the usual slides, cargo nets and those car wash things that I’m not sure have an actual name, but, where they have got it spot on is with the facilities.

The coffee is from 200 Degrees , and all the staff have been trained by them too. The menu features wonderful pizza, cooked to order and plenty of topping choices. The kids menu has something that even the fussiest kid will eat, plus a heavy heap of healthy options. They even have free wipes and nappies in the loos. Yup, you heard me FREE WIPES AND NAPPIES. It’s a bloody godsend.

One of the ideas that really impressed me was the fact that there is something for kids of all ages. There is a media room for older kids and an amazing area full of jumparoos and bouncy chairs for the really little ones. Why the hell hasn’t anyone thought of this before??

Rejoice mummas with more than one child - you can have your hands back to eat drink and be merry. And on that note….they sell booze. Oh yes!! Actual booze. If you fancy a quick after school tipple (and let’s face it, you doesn’t) then this place is heaven. There is also 50% after 3pm.

So I have gone from a soft play-hating, mean mum to making sure I always have £4 in my purse so we can keep going back. And because it’s new, it doesn’t smell of vomit………………………


Essential Information
Astroworld Nottingham
9 Stratford Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6AZ
Open Monday – Saturday 9.30am to 6.30pm and Sunday 10 to 4pm.

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