BabyLed Spreads: Health Baby Weaning Food & Spreads

BabyLed Spreads: Health Baby Weaning Food & Spreads

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Posted 2018-07-04 by Suefollow
A tasty way to learn!

When introducing your baby to solid food, the baby-led weaning method encourages them to feed themselves instead of receiving food via a spoon. This approach is often considered a more relaxed method of weaning your baby, as it lets them take the first steps by themselves. [Link Read more information here].

Introducing [Link BabyLed Spreads], these delicious weaning spreads are a nutritious way to help your curious little one explore ingredients and textures. They are also perfect for toddlers, as an ingredient within a larger meal. In order to introduce little ones to food the right way, BabyLed Spreads include only healthy ingredients with no artificial preservatives.

There are six tasty recipes on offer, each bursting with fresh flavour for your little rascal to taste and explore!

  • [Link Green Pea, Rocket and Dill:] Filled with fresh garden flavours, this recipe is a great sandwich filling and the perfect addition to a summer picnic.

  • [Link Avocado, Red Pepper and Tomato Recipe:] This all-round favourite with creamy avocado, soft cheese and flavoursome red pepper is an enjoyable spread to mix with pasta.

  • [Link Carrot, Apple and Hummus Recipe:] A soft, tasty hummus brings this carrot and red apple recipe together. Spread it on an oatcake for their afternoon snack.

  • [Link Ricotta and Bean Recipe:] This herby recipe is high in protein and includes new and interesting flavours. Spoon it onto a plate so your little one can practice dipping a breadstick or plain biscuit.

  • [Link Spicy Pumpkin and Chickpea:] With a hint of spice, this spread is for those who like to join in with mummy and daddy's curry nights! Perfect as a spicy spread on oatcakes.

  • [Link Red Lentil and Sweet Potato:] Wholesome and filling, this comforting recipe is a great source of fibre and packs in plenty of taste. Ideal when spooned out as a dip along with breadsticks.

  • [image3]
    These spreads can be eaten either warm or cold and can be served with a variety of foods such as pasta, bread, jacket potato or as a dip – the choice is yours.

    "My baby really likes the taste and the texture was very easy to spread on toast." - Siobhan, Cheshire

    "Good to have a healthy spread like this which is versatile and actually tasty! So many pre-prepared baby foods are so tasteless and unappealing but this was quite yummy." - Meghan, Shropshire

    Liven up their mealtimes and let your baby lead the way!

    For more information about BabyLed Spread, visit the [Link website here] or [Link follow on Facebook].

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    [INTRO Introducing BabyLed Spreads, these delicious weaning spreads are a nutritious way to help your curious little one explore ingredients and textures.]

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